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Optometrist Practice Resources for Myopia Management


Myopia Management: Putting it Into Practice

We had more than 1,200 eye care professionals tune in to our virtual event! If you were not able to join us, feel free to take a look at the video recordings below to gain insights into myopia management from leading practitioners from around the world.

Our Speakers

Wen Juan Chui WCO speaker
Wen Juan Chui, Singapore
Thomas Aller WCO speaker
Thomas Aller, United States
Sara McCullough WCO speaker
Sara McCullough, Northern Ireland
Philip Cheng (AU)
Philip Cheng, Australia
Carmen Abesamis-Dichoso, Philippines
Ariolfo Vazquez, Colombia
Nicola Logan WCO speaker
Nicola Logan, England
Kate Gifford, Australia
Justin Kwan, United States
Sandra Block, United States
Peter Hendicott, Australia
Elizabeth Lumb, England

The Importance of Myopia Management by President of the World Council of Optometry Peter Hendicott

Learn about why myopia management is in focus and why the President of World Council of Optometry is concerned with myopia not only as a refractive error but also the path to serious eye health problems that can lead to permanent vision loss from glaucoma, cataracts, retinal changes.

How to Introduce a Myopia Management Plan by Kate Gifford

Learn how to communicate to children and their parents about myopia management. Get insight into when to first approach the topic of myopia management and what questions are typically being asked.

How to Identify At-Risk Children: Predictive Factors by Sara McCullough, Nicola Logan & Carmen Abesamis-Dichoso

Learn how to recognize risks of developing myopia in children based on presenting refractive status, axial length, and family history and to implement a clinical management protocol.

Myopia Management Strategies by Philip Cheng, Wen Juan Chui & Ariolfo Vazquez

Hear how current leading practitioners in the field of myopia management choose a myopia management strategy for their patients.

How to Monitor Children Undergoing Myopia Management by Thomas Aller

Learn about tools and strategies for monitoring the myopia progression of your patients, assessing the effectiveness of their treatments and modifying their treatments to maximize their effectiveness.

Highlights & Concluding Session by World Council of Optometry President Elect Sandra S. Block

Listen to World Council of Optometry’s President Elect Sandra S. Block as she shares the key learnings from the 2022 virtual event ‘Putting It Into Practice: Myopia Management’.

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