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Myopia Management Navigator Ambassadors

Meet our Navigator Ambassadors who help shape the evidence-based guide that explores the 3Ms of Myopia Management: Mitigation, Measurement, and Management.

Nicola Logan

PhD, MEd, MCOptom, SFHEA, FHEA, Global Representative

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Jagrut Lallu

MSc Specialty Lenses, BOptom, FIAOMC, Asia–Pacific Representative

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Síofra Harrington

PhD, FAOI, European Representative

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Ashley Wallace Tucker

OD, FAAO, FSLS, ABO Diplomate, U.S. Representative

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PhD, MEd, MCOptom, SFHEA, FBCLA, Global Ambassador

Nicola Logan is a professor of optometry and physiological optics at the School of Optometry at Aston University in Birmingham, United Kingdom. She is also director of research for the Optometry & Vision Science Research Group. Her research projects include The Aston Eye study, investigating refractive error prevalence in school children, along with studies on myopia control and its structural and functional aspects in eyes with ocular pathology. Logan collaborates with other researchers through the Myopia Consortium UK. She has received the Neil Charman Award for Excellence in Research from The College of Optometrists, UK. Logan’s areas of interest are the epidemiology of refractive error, the development and aetiology of myopia, and myopia control. 

MSc Specialty Lenses, BOptom, FIAOMC, Asia–Pacific Ambassador

Jagrut Lallu is an owner of Rose Optometry in Hamilton, New Zealand. He is also the director of Innovatus Technology, which makes Ortho-K and other technologies accessible to contact lens practitioners. In 2009, Lallu set up the first myopia control clinic in New Zealand devoted to evidence-based methods for management. In 2023, he established the New Zealand Eye Research Centre, focusing on clinical trials and research in a new Hamilton location. Lallu is also a clinical senior lecturer at the Deakin School of Optometry in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. His areas of interest include keratoconus and orthokeratology.

PhD, FAOI, European Ambassador

Síofra Harrington is a lecturer, researcher, and clinical supervisor with the School of Physics, Clinical and Optometric Sciences at Technological University in Dublin, Ireland. She is also a fellow of the Association of Optometrists Ireland. Harrington was the principal investigator for the Ireland Eye Study, which reported the prevalence of ametropia, amblyopia, and vision impairment in school children. She was also the principal investigator for the Child Eye Health Study and co-investigator for the BLU-RAY Project investigating blue light phototoxicity. Harrington is the author of multiple peer-reviewed academic publications and numerous academic poster presentations reporting Ireland Eye Study findings.

OD, FAAO, FSLS, ABO Diplomate, Americas Ambassador

Ashley Wallace Tucker is a partner at Bellaire Family Eye Care and The Contact Lens Institute of Houston, a private practice in Houston, Texas. There, she primarily treats patients needing specialty contact lenses and myopia management. Tucker is also a visiting assistant professor at the University of Houston College of Optometry, where she is the course master for the Ophthalmic Optics Laboratory. Through her affiliation with the University of Houston, Tucker regularly provides continuing education on myopia management and other topics. She is also a lecturer for the STAPLE (Soft Toric and Presbyopic Lens Experience) program. She specializes in corneal diseases, complex contact lens fits, and myopia management, particularly orthokeratology.

Soft Dual Focus or Multifocal Contact Lenses

Spectacle Lenses for Myopia Control



When to wear it

Children who are physically active
Ideal for very young wearers
Children disliking glasses and/or inclined to not wearing them full-time


Shown to improve confidence and ability to participate in activities.

Typically more availability for astigmats.

No wearing time during waking hours.

Optical correction is still needed.

* Excluding children frequently engaged in water sports.