February 2023 Virtual event Presentation

From Risk to Reality: Real Stories from Myopia Sufferers

From risk to reality
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By Dr. Kyle Klute OD, United States

About the presentation

We all hear and know the risks of high myopia. We read about risks of myopia in the literature and hear cases reported at conferences. But when those risks become reality in the experiences of our patients, the importance and urgency implementing myopia management is clear. Facilitated by Kyle Klute, practice owner of Good Life Eyecare, a multilocation practice in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa, hear the lived experiences of two patients with myopia related pathology and how their lives have been shaped by the disease.

FAQ from the event

What do you think we should be teaching our colleagues when it comes to supporting our patients during their myopia management journey?

I’m a big believer in evidence-based medicine because it encompasses all three aspects of the decision-making process which I referred to earlier; one of those three is patient experiences, values and preferences.

Just at much as we rely on research and official guidelines, just as much as we rely on our own experiences with other patients and in-clinic experiences, we need to the same degree rely on patient preferences.

I work in this field because I want to take care of people; I have created a practice around people and I want to know each of my patients really well, because if I know them as individuals there is already a foundation of trust to build on. Great treatment outcomes come from both medical considerations as well as my ability to understand them as people.

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Prepared by the World Council of Optometry Myopia Management Resource Committee 2023.
The World Council of Optometry Myopia Management Standard of Care initiative is a collaborative partnership between World Council of Optometry and CooperVision.

Soft Dual Focus or Multifocal Contact Lenses

Spectacle Lenses for Myopia Control



When to wear it

Children who are physically active
Ideal for very young wearers
Children disliking glasses and/or inclined to not wearing them full-time


Shown to improve confidence and ability to participate in activities.

Typically more availability for astigmats.

No wearing time during waking hours.

Optical correction is still needed.

* Excluding children frequently engaged in water sports.