Putting It Into Practice:
Myopia Management Virtual Event
12 February 2022

The World Council of Optometry (WCO) and CooperVision came together in 2021 to address the growing concerns around myopia and the need to understand, detect, prevent and treat myopia in children. 

In February 2022, experts in the field of myopia management came together and shared their insights into standards of care for myopia management and how they incorporate aspects of myopia management, such as mitigation, measurement and management, into their practices.

Our Speakers

Wen Juan Chui WCO speaker
Wen Juan Chui, Singapore
Thomas Aller WCO speaker
Thomas Aller, United States
Sara McCullough WCO speaker
Sara McCullough, Northern Ireland
Philip Cheng (AU)
Philip Cheng, Australia
Carmen Abesamis-Dichoso, Philippenes
Ariolfo Vazquez, Colombia
Nicola Logan WCO speaker
Nicola Logan, England
Kate Gifford, Australia
Justin Kwan, United States
Sandra Block, United States
Peter Hendicott, Australia
Elizabeth Lumb, England


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